The Weak Link In Any Self Development Program Is You

It took me a long time to realize the benefits of positive thinking. I’ve heard a lot of people mention that if you thought positive and positive things were going to happen to you, then you thought it was a bit strange. Now I think they were right and this article explains why.

Alberto Mallo

Growing up through my difficult teenage years and into my twenties, I felt very sorry for myself. I used to think that I was the luckiest person in the world. He had a dime-sized bald spot on his head, was unable to speak (stutter), was overweight to the point of obesity, and was short for a man (5ft 4).

I thought there was more Mickey coming out of me than anyone else, and life was definitely a struggle. Meeting members of the opposite sex when you don’t have confidence in yourself and prevent speech is not easy. Getting a job, ordering drinks, and socializing in general, all of this was difficult for me. Everyone else seems to feel fresh and comfortable throughout life.

One day I was at work and a colleague of mine who was about thirty years older than me commented that I was a very depressed person. So disagreeing with him and totally shocked, I thought most people are anxious and nervous about things. He goes on to say that I’ve always been negative about most things in life, always complaining about this or that and rarely smiling. He went on to say that he used to be gay, always depressed, grumpy, and tired until he received advice when he was thirty. He then proceeded to give me the same advice.


When you feel depressed, depressed and regretful, watch the news, read the newspapers and you will see that there are many people worse than you, and that you are actually one of the lucky ones.

I thought about this and started to follow what he had to say. Now I realize how stupid I was. And since I was born and live in the UK, I am one of the lucky ones.

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