Navman GPS, The Advantages of Having One For Your Car

If Ferdinand Magellan, the world renowned voyager, were alive today, I wonder what he would say about Car GPS or what brand he would prefer. Among the competing navigation car brands, Navman comes first in terms of feature and ease of use, although high-end models would command higher price.

Particularly the Navman MY60T is full of useful and practical features such as landmark guide, 3D junction views, advanced lane guide, trip planner, traffic updates and so much more. These features are designed to give you a stress-free and enjoyable drive. For example, the live traffic updates informs you of the road situation along your route. This could be road work in progress or current accidents on the road while it gives you an option of the other routes to take.

The Smart Route obtains its data from the SUNA which contains past traffic information. This feature lets you dodge roads with heavy traffic allowing you to reach your destination as quickly as you can. MY drive also features personalized ETA’s by gathering your usual driving practice. For smoother driving manoeuvres, the

Advance Lane Guide alerts you of approaching turns and curves for you to prepare ahead of time. Both features of the Landmark Guidance and the Spoken Safety Alerts are designed to give you a better handle of your route, giving you information of the present terrain and the actual area itself both vocally and on screen. The 3D feature is especially helpful when driving through tricky and hectic junctions.

The Navman S-Series Platinum car navigation has the entire gorgeous looking GPS gadget especially the S150, with a brushed metal casing and shiny black bezels that gives it a very sophisticated look. Scrutinizing its functions, you’ll discover that it lacks the built-in traffic and FM transmitting features that the earlier version – S300T have. Nevertheless, the S150 is easy to use with the help of the touch screen feature similar to iPhones plus its text-to-speech preference.

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