When You’re Wondering, “How Much Time Do I Have Left On Earth?”

To make the most of life, we must make the most of every minute.

Even though you probably wouldn’t go to work if you knew you had only one day to live, this is not a wise move.

If you don’t have food on the table, your life actually will be cut short.

Would you want people to remember you as a clock-puncher that just coasted through life?

Yes, of course, I mean, if you live this way it will not be long before you have what you really want out of life. If you live this way, it will always work out.

Don’t you want to live your true free will?

Yes, make the most of life.

The Course in Miracles states, ‘There is no substitute to for truth. And truth will make this plain to you as you are brought into the place where you must meet with truth.”

In every situation, make the most of the minutes that you have left on this planet.

Make the best of your situation and live like you were dying.

Don’t ever say anything that would not be considered good final words when you leave home in the morning.

No way!

It’s not that you don’t like the life you live right now, it’s just that you suspect there’s something more.

Course in Miracles teaches, “Let your mind wander not through darkened corridors, away from light’s center.”

The truth is those possibilities are always within your reach, rather than always thinking, “how much time do I have?”


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