Causes of Asthma

Asthma is considered to be a long term lung inflammation that weakens and contracts the air passages. This type of disease causes the patient to produce a whistling sound whenever they breathe. Victims of asthma also experience chest pains, breathing problems and regular coughing which usually happens late at night or as you wake up in the morning. Asthma may attack people no matter what their age are, but statistics shows that asthma usually starts at one’s childhood.

Maybe you are wondering what happens internally when asthma occurs; or maybe you are asking what really are the causes of asthma. Here’s an overview on what asthma is all about. When a person is being attacked by asthma, the air passages which are the tubes that handle the air movement in and out of one’s lungs gets inflamed which leads to narrowing of the airways. Those air passages gets extremely sensitive to the air that the person breathes plus the microscopic elements that may be included to that air. When these tubes get extremely sensitive and react, the muscles surrounding those get too tight causing very minimal amount of air to enter their lungs. This type of disease may get ever worse and may lead to death when not given the proper care or attention as the air passages may get even narrower. Aside from narrowing of airways, cells in the area may also produce more mucus than the usual. Mucus is a sticky substance which adds to hardening and narrowing of air passages. All these reactions may eventually result to giving off the signs and symptoms of asthma. These symptoms are sometimes mild and may eventually fade off naturally of after you have taken a certain medicine. But some cases get things even worse. So it is highly advised not to take these signs and symptoms for granted since this disease is considered fatal. It is true that asthma cannot be cured. But nevertheless you still need to manage the sickness when it attacks. Asthma can be fatal but a person with this type of ailment may still live a normal life.

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