Famous Women Tennis Players

When you consider famous women tennis players, possibly the most historic might be Billie Jean King, who fought relentlessly for equal money for female tennis players. Not only was King a tennis superstar, possessing outstanding talent on the courts, but she was elemental in rallying support for more prize money for women. She gained publicity and humorous fame for her televised matches against male tennis pro Bobby Riggs. She proved victorious in this 1973 “Battle of the Sexes”, thus making her point that women deserved the same prize money as men. Their tournament was viewed by over 50 million people.

Many famous women tennis players have similar backgrounds. Some of their fathers were professional tennis coaches, so they started playing at a very young ages, with some as young as 5. The fruits of their labors resulted in multiple wins in world class tournaments. Some examples of these women include Maria Bueno (Brazil), Tracy Austin (US), Lottie Dod (UK), Mary Pierce (CAN, played for FR), Chris Evert (US), Jennifer Capriati (US), Monica Seles (Hungary/US), and Martina Hingis (Switzerland).

Other women are shining examples of pursuing excellence at an older age. Charlotte Cooper (US) was the oldest player to win at Wimbledon (1908), at age 37

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