Social Bookmarking – Being Famous by Association

For the purpose of this article let’s just say you are considering using social bookmarking for your own self-serving purposes.

Now just follow me in this very simple logic. You’ve heard the phrase “famous by association“. If you kept showing up in pictures with Tiger Woods, Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn or anyone famous, you will also become famous, and you’ll do it “by association”.

The paparazzi would just have to find out who this guy is that keeps showing up. And boom, you’d be on the cover of People Magazine purely by association. Now this happens in real life all the time, and guess what, Google thinks exactly the same way.

Google is just like People Magazine, they want to put the most popular websites or blogs on their front page or page one. You won’t get on the front cover of People Magazine or the first page of Google just because you’re a great guy or gal or have a terrific website or product.

The Google paparazzi are their little spider robots that scour the internet looking for these associations, backlinks etc. Every time there is an association and relevance, Google rewards you by bumping you up in the search engines.

If you have done all the necessary “famous by association” steps that Google likes, you are guaranteed a first page ranking. It’s just a matter of following the logic. Thus, social bookmarking = Being Famous By Association.

Google likes to follow the high ranking, heavily used “authority sites”. Authority sites like DIGG, delicious, Stumbleupon etc are all just like celebrities to Google. And if you are listed with these sites, you will be considered a rock star to Google. Rock star status means ranking well and doing it logically. The logic being, you are ranking well “by association” to the authority sites. I mean it seems too simple doesn’t it? Simple works, what a concept!

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