Top 5 Ways to Acquire Famous Restaurant Recipes

Do you have a favorite dish that you really enjoy when visiting restaurants? Who doesn’t right? We all enjoy that special mouthwatering ingredient and cooked meal whether it be at the Olive Garden, KFC or Chilli’s. This article looks at five most easiest ways to acquire famous restaurant recipes and become that expert cook you always wanted to be. By cooking restaurant like dishes friends and family will be be full of praise and it’s always good to try something different.

1. Research the restaurant web site. By looking on the site you may find some recipes that you can try out. Of course you will not find secret ingredients to for example, specific sauces but at least they will be authentic and you can try cooking new dishes which is always worth it.

2. Go on forums. The Internet has a vast array of information. Search for famous restaurant recipes on forums and ask questions. Some people do share authentic ingredients and give you similar recipes for famous restaurant dishes. Check out cooking forums. Authentic chefs do hang out there and do offer recipes and advice.

3. How about asking the restaurant? Don’t be too direct by asking the waiter what the ingredients are. Simply by asking why a particular dish tastes so tangy, or what gives the sweet and chilli taste will get you in a conversation and you may find hints and tips.

4. Search on line. Type the dish you want to find the recipe for and search on the Internet. By researching on line you will find sites that provide free tips and information. Okay so you may not find all the recipes you are looking for, but again it is a start.

5. Cooking books and publications. There are some excellent books available that provide copy cat restaurant recipes. Whether you want to copy Red Lobster or Olive Garden dishes these books will cater for all your needs.

You can make famous restaurant recipes and enjoy the same tasting dishes that you have at your favorite restauran

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