The palette featured

The palette featured not only strong black and white silhouettes but also deep blues and reds too. The masterfully tailored clinical suits were worn by lean models who along with their sharp jaw lines carried harsh swept over hairstyles, small dark round sunglasses and black skinny ties. The skinny tie was the only accessory giving a nod towards the current economical climate. Reflecting uncertainty, trends confirm that ties are certainly not as wide as they were a few years ago but in comparison Hugo Boss’s shorts do appear to be considerably shorter.

Is this something the traditional Hugo Boss fan will be happy to wear? Although Hugo Boss very much continued on the theme of traditional conservative dress a certain element of playfulness was evident in the designs, something that saw both a slight breakaway from traditional conservatism and a motion towards mischievous creativity. The collection was received positively from fashion critics who praised both the color palette and theme. It will be interesting to see if these sailor style designs will weather the current turbulent and unsettled economic waves.

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The mountains will help to collect much of the snow that falls from the sky. This snow can be used for the convenience of skiers around the mountains and not for those who are staying below them.

Be sure to take the Pigeon Forge climate into consideration when planning a trip out here. Pigeon Forge is an area that can be nice at any time of the year. This is as long as a person dresses properly for it.

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