Understanding The Juvenile Justice System And The Need For A Good Attorney

A person below 18 years of age can be charged under the juvenile justice system if he or she has committed a crime. This system provides for various forms of rehabilitation and punishment in order to make these children aware of their crimes.
There are different kinds of crimes that juveniles may commit. Some of the most common charges are for disorderly conduct, traffic offences like reckless driving, possessing a fake ID, possessing a controlled substance, and underage driving.

The Process of the Juvenile Justice System

The first thing that will happen if your child is accused of something is that they will be taken to a Juvenile Detention Center in order to be assessed by the officials present there.

The minor will then be interviewed and the parents will also be asked a series of questions, usually regarding the general behavior of the child and the family life. The charges are framed, taking into consideration how severe the crime is as well as how the child should be rehabilitated. The officials will then provide a recommendation on whether to put the minor into a diversion program or whether to charge them.

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