British Seaside Holidays in the 1950s

The typical seaside holiday in Britain in the 1950s was quite different from those enjoyed today. Admittedly, there was the same desire to lounge on the beaches, paddle in the sea and enjoy the amusements as there is today, but the the past half century has seen huge changes in tastes and expectations.

A far bigger percentage of Britons enjoyed their holidays in their home country than they do today. In the 1950s cheap international flights had not been introduced and the big holiday resorts of the Mediterranean and beyond – magnets for modern sun-seeking Britons – had not been developed.

For their summer holidays the British tended to visit the resorts in their own area, such as Blackpool for northerners and Brighton for people living in the south. A trip to Torquay in the south west for someone living in Yorkshire would have been seen as exotic.

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