Sweet Memories Of British Chocolate

British chocolate bars are amongst the best tasting chocolate in the world. For those of us who grew up in the UK, we have been privileged to have this gorgeous tasting chocolate on our door step, so to speak, every day of our lives, and for as long as we can remember it has been almost a staple in our diets.

Since before we could even say chocolate button, we have had the taste sensation of a British chocolate bar blessed upon us, and this amazing chocolate became an almost essential part of our lives. Whether it was a daily or weekly treat, British chocolate bars have been an important mainstay of British life.

When we take a trip back to the days of chocolate past, in the great green pastures and cobbled streets of Britain, those days of old when we were all snot and marmite, our chocolate treats were the single most exciting privileges of being a child. A visit to Granny, or Nanny to which name you prefer, would almost guarantee a chocolate haven.

Now Grannies home was always a wonderful homely place, a place filled with so much affection and love you would almost have to brush it away from your face, and much of this affection and love was shown none more so than through the joy of food. We all loved Grannies home and some of our fondest memories are of the food.

What child or teenager didn’t have immediate thoughts of being showered with food when going to Grannies. Whether it be beef roast dinners or sausage and mash you would be guaranteed this love filled food as soon as you walked through the door and into her special hug. This wonderful food would warm our heart and soul (and our bellies) but it wasn’t just the hearty good meals, the treats, oh the treats would be in abundance.

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