The British Are Coming – Get Ready to Trace Your Lovely British Genealogy

Paul Revere’s call into the cold New England night echoes differently to the British genealogist – no longer a warning, but an invitation. Do those branches of your English family tree tempt you to book a flight, reserve some quaint bed-and-breakfast near your ancestral roots, and plan to bury yourself in genealogical research for several weeks? As Eliza Doolittle says in the movie My Fair Lady, “Wouldn’t it be loverly?” But the financial realities of such a genealogy-dream-come-true break that bubble rather quickly. The average genealogical researcher must find ways to pursue those British lines from the wwww (Wonderful World-Wide Web).

Considering the main Internet sites as “Genealogy for Free” and “Genealogy for Fee,” first we should exhaust the free sites. Therefore, when we do pay for research, we know as much as possible to utilize our budget on fee sites. For British genealogy, offers the most free information.

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