What is the British Lawn Mower Racing Association?

In 1973, a group of Wisborough Green, West Sussex, England townspeople created an alternative to expensive motor sports; a sport that everyone could participate in. The sport of racing mowers was born and so was the British Lawn Mower Racing Association.

The idea came from Jim Gavin, a well known rally car driver who competed all over the world. He noticed a man mowing his lawn. In into his brain popped the idea of racing mowers. Everybody he knew had a mower, so no additional costs must be incurred.

The main idea was to keep the sport as cheap as possible so that everybody could join-in. No commercialism, no sponsors, no expensive modifications, and no cash prizes either; just pure clean fun.

Until now, the British Lawn Mower Racing Association still sticks to its non-profit mission and any money that they earn is directly given to charity.

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