Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower – Quite, Powerful and a Real Back Saver

Have you ever looked out the window at your driveway after a big snow fall and dreaded the thought of having to go out and shovel it? Don’t you wish some one else could do it or that you had a powerful machine to take care of the snow and save you strain on your back and shoulders? Well, we can’t help you find someone to shovel your snow, but there is something better. The Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower.

Everyone who lives in the Snowy Belt with winter-wonderland weather knows how much of a pain it can be to shovel the snow. This year why not avoid the aches and pains of shoveling snow an Electric Snow blower?

Winter is Coming…again.

Remember back, to last winter and how much of a struggle it was to clear the snow away using a shovel? How much time did you spend clearing the white stuff from what seemed like snow fall after snow fall? Is there something that can clear off your driveway more effectively and save some wear-and-tear on your body? The Greenworks electric Snow Thrower could be the answer.

Electric Snow Blowers are Here to Stay

Snow blowers have been a God send to people who live in a snow-prone area. The invention of this truly miraculous piece of machinery, the snowblower, was an event that will surely go down in history as a Hallmark event.

So before winter has you in its clutches, consider the option of saving your body from the extreme pain of hand shoveling. The Greenworks Electric Snow thrower can spare your back and shoulders. This machine is also safe and easy to use.

Assembling the Snow Thrower

People have had very little trouble assembling this snow thrower. Putting it together is quick and easy. Be sure to look through the packaging for all the small parts to make sure you have them.

Once you have located all the parts and put your snow thrower together take it out and give it try as soon as you can. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well it throws the snow. When you’re done you’ll have no trouble finding a spot for it in the garage or shed as doesn’t require a lot of storage space.

A Quite Snow Blower that is Easy to Start

Being an electric snow blower there isn’t the nasty pull cord that a gas-powered snow blower has. Plus when the Greenworks Snow Blower is running there’s less noise and no exhaust smell to deal with. Something I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate.

Consumers that chose these snow throwers simply need to flip a switch and they’re ready to throw some snow. A smart safety feature will cut off the engine the moment you quit squeezing the trigger so there’s no danger of getting close to a spinning blade.

The Greenworks Electric Snow Blower weighs in at only thirty-seven pounds which is lighter in comparison to its gas driven cousins making it easier to push around.

An Environmentally Friendly Snow Blower

The Greenworks Electric snowblower is also geared for the “green” movement which makes this snow thrower environmentally friendly. Snow throwers are proven to save valuable time and can usually do the job in half the time of hand-shoveling.

Just think about how quickly you’ll clear your snow with the Greenworks Electric Snow thrower’s ability to throw the snow up to twenty feet away from your driveway or pathway. Throwing the snow this far does a great job of keep the snow from piling up along the edges of your path or driveway and spreads it out over your property.

A Snow Blower That Handles Snow Like a Champ

Customers that regularly use the Greenworks Snow Thrower have overwhelmingly said that it does a great job moving the snow from a large area. And, as we mentioned earlier, it save plenty of wear-and-tear on your back. People who have purchased the Greenworks electric snow thrower were amazed at how much snow they could clear in just a few short minutes.

One user took just over an hour to clean their driveway of snow from a 20 inch snowfall compared to two and a half hours that their neighbor took to clear their driveway of equal size using a snow shovel.

A smaller 6 inch snow fall on your driveway could virtually take under 30 minutes to clear. This snow thrower is also capable of clearing a twenty inch wide path of up to ten inch deep snow.

If you’re looking for a light, compact, quiet, powerful, well made snow thrower than the Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower may be the smartest decision you’ll make this winter for dealing with the snow and saving your back.


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