Match Made in Heaven

Article marketing and niche blogging are a match made in heaven. Especially for freelance writers who are doing their own articles. The dollar cost is negligible. The time that is spent researching for the writing process can yield twice the result when applied to a niche blog.

Article marketing is all about promoting your own website/product or someone else’s. The act of selling someone else’s products on commission is affiliate marketing.

You write an article about the item being promoted or on a topic related to it. The affiliate company gives you links to use and these links are posted in the article or in the author resource box that follows.

The creation of a niche blog is simply creating a blog about a focused topic. For instance, photography is a general topic. Wedding photography is a niche topic.

All that is needed to set up your own niche blog is a blogging platform and a domain name. Domain name prices range from approximately a $1.00/year for and $11.00/year for (Tip: start with then upgrade if blog does well and you wish to truly invest in it.)

Sometimes a bit of creativity is required for site naming. If the main topic you wish to use is taken, add a suffix to the end of it. Something like ‘online’ or ‘site’ or ‘now.’

When posting articles about the chosen topic, put a link back to the blog inside the author resource box and anywhere else allowed. Article directories have varying rules regarding links. Read them and obey them.

When posting on your own niche blog, you don’t need a resource box. Blog posts are generally shorter than articles and you can probably get three blog posts out of a single article.

WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular free blog sites.

Affiliate marketing is not allowed under WordPress’s terms of service if you create a free blog at The only way to get around this is to host the blog yourself with a hosting service like Hostgator. WordPress is an ever-improving blog platform. There are literally hundreds of

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