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When you create new online blog, writing quality articles and getting inbound links is a must to build your traffic and search engines rankings. If done daily in the first few months of your blog’s life, it will help your blog grow, but it may take several months before you start seeing the results. One of the ways of getting initial traffic for a new blog is writing useful comments on relevant blog posts and discussion forums. The other way is to join social media networks. This article will focus on StumbleUpon and how you can use StumbleUpon to build your personal network, your online profile and initial traffic to your new blog. StumbleUpon is one of the leading bookmarking and sharing sites on the web. It is a database of web pages, videos and other online content submitted by users. The primary way of getting around is the Stumble button in the StumbleUpon browser toolbar. When clicking that button, you are taken to a random website that was “stumbled” by other users and that falls within the areas of interest you have defined in your profile. By using StumbleUpon’s browser toolbar, you can connect with other bloggers and readers that share your interests. Following are 10 simple steps you can do today to build your StumbleUpon profile, your personal network and traffic to your blog.

1. Register your account at StumbleUpon. Create your public profile. Include personal information, include a picture, choose your interests, and write a short bio about you and the blog that you are writing. Do not forget to include a hyperlink to your blog in your bio.

2. Submit your RSS favourites. Download the StumbleUpon browser toolbar and start adding your personal bookmarks to the Stumbleupon database. Go through your RSS newsreader, go through your browser bookmarks and submit all your favourites. If you are the first one to submit a page, then you will get a box saying that you discovered the website. You will need to write a quick review and a series of tags which best fit the site. The site is then available for other StumbleUpon users to surf into using the toolbar. For already submitted sites, just give your thumbs up, or write a short review if you prefer. These submissions will be a good backbone of your StumbleUpon profile

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