Desperate Times

Today’s realities are filled with desperate times. Desperate times for millions the world over. For they are the ones who can’t escape the oppressive realities of their existence. Their meager means have afforded them no luxuries or respite from the daily struggle to survive has only continued. The taskmasters of societies are continually subjugating more into a realm of reality far removed from their hopes and dreams. Their weathered faces, tattered clothes, and sunken eyes are all too familiar images that are splashed across TV screens are sights that show just how exposed our failures are in bringing any kind of balance into our society.

In practically every city all across the country have succumbed to the onslaught of refugee camps like that of third world countries of our own citizens. It is a plight, a disgrace, and unconscionable reality hat has been allowed to exist. The inhumanity of man is running rampant the world over. Yet, there has been really no authentic effort to solve not only this growing humanitarian crisis but what is turning into a major health emergency on top of this current Pandemic.

To say these are desperate times is an understatement and require desperate measures that must be undertaken. There has been allot of misgivings of what FDR did. But, there can be no mistake that the drastic measures FDR took engaged our whole society in ways that helped pull this nation together and out of the Great Depression. We need the caliber of leadership now from the Oval Office and Congress that was displayed over 90 years ago.

The United States cannot last when there is dysfunctional government. With the current members of the Republicans in Congress seeking in the name of bipartisanship to offer an alternative to the 1.9 trillion what we would like to call now the American Rescue plan reminds one of that saying “Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” It is these Republicans who have aligned themselves with conservative views that actually don’t and won’t solve the desperate times that America and the world are facing today.

It is these Republicans in congress are known as staunch supporters of partisan politics. And, their conservative views have reduced America’s effectiveness to solve many of the urgent crisis that are making the times today so desperate for millions. It is no wonder then that there is a perpetual state of delusion of our government. When Republican members of congress continue to stall, downplay and reduce the amount of help needed for the American public shows that they are oblivious and have no clue to the enormity of the economic and financial devastation millions are facing.

Make no mistake these are desperate times and call for desperate measures. The reforms that FDR implemented showed the resolve his leadership was in restoring the publics confidence in their government. The same things have to happen today. Reforms that will restore the publics faith in government and put balance back in our society must be implemented now. Fortunately, National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation is that plan of direction that will ease the financial devastation and economic instability that has made these times so desperate for millions.


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