Why This Nazi Hunter Makes

Martin Scorsese is a freakin’ genius.

He’s also a total nutjob, which makes him that more interesting.

Why? Because he’s not ashamed of giving people what they really want to see – GORE!

One of my favorites is Inglourious Basterds – see that one?

If you haven’t, it’s kind of like the untold story of WW2 that people would’ve wanted to be real –

Brad Pitt in an awesome roleplays Lt. Raine – an American commander in the war that has assembled a unique group of American soldiers that hunt Nazis. Their mission – to capture Nazi soldiers, scalp them and basically terrify the living hell out of them. How’s that for poetic justice!

In one hilarious scene, Pitt and his gang try to disguise themselves as Italian waiters so they don’t arouse Nazi suspicion. Pitt is the only one of them that actually knows how to speak Italian (the others just made up Italian names for themselves and don’t know how to say anything but their names), but he has this heavy southern accent, that just about anybody who hears him instantly knows he’s an American.

This scene is a terrific example of a brilliant advertising concept called “Making the Skeleton Dance”. Here’s what that’s about –

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet – some kind of disadvantage or dark secret they don’t want anybody to know.

Well, instead of being ashamed of it or apologizing for it, the “making the skeleton dance” method is all about turning that disadvantage into one of your unique features.

Did you ever notice how almost every successful business owner was an immigrant or a foreigner? They use their outsider image as a token of their hard work – how they beat the competition because they had it harder and wanted to prove themselves.

Take Lt. Raine there for example – he knows he has a heavy American accent, but is not shy about it, sure as hell not apologizing for it and showing what he’s got and playing the role, using his heavy southern accent instead of trying to hide it.

Here’s how I use it – I’m not a native English speaker and don’t live in an English speaking country. I justify my high prices by working on market research harder and deeper than anyone of my competitors because I know absolutely nothing about it beforehand, therefore I don’t have any prejudice or wrong opinions, preventing me from being totally objective and thorough in conducting my market research.

So how to make it work in your business –

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