Best Questions to Ask a Plastic Surgeon Before Deciding to Have Surgery

Undergoing any type of plastic surgery is a big decision. There is a lot to consider in terms of cost, safety, and recovery time, so it’s vital that you ask your plastic surgeon the right questions, in order to get the assurance you need and be comfortable about doing the procedure. This article takes a look at the best questions to ask a plastic surgeon before deciding to have surgery.

Addressing any concerns and questions you have is one of the most important steps you need to take when contemplating cosmetic surgery. Remember too that the aim of cosmetic surgery must always be to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

A good plastic surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and will be able to do so thoroughly and clearly. So when you go to your consultation, be sure to take a list of prepared questions about the operation.

Below are 7 best questions to ask during your plastic surgeon during consultation:

1. Is this the right procedure for me? Many people go to a plastic surgeon thinking that they know which procedure they need to fix their problem. However, very often that may not be the most suitable option to achieve the optimal aesthetic outcome. The plastic surgeon should therefore do a comprehensive analysis and recommended the best procedure for you, based on factors such as your age, skin condition etc. It may be that a non-surgical solution could be the better option for you.

2. How is the procedure performed? Ask about the type of anesthesia, as well as the specific technique that will be used.

3. What are the possible risks and complications? The truth is that the positive outcomes of plastic surgery far outweigh the negative ones often highlighted in the press. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of what these are before surgery, so you can decide if you are willing to go ahead despite the possible complications.

4. How long is the recovery period expected to last? It takes longer to recover from some surgeries than it does from others. You need to know the typical recovery time in order to make the necessary preparations such as requesting time off from work, or getting help at home to ease recovery. Also, be sure to find out what are the things you won’t be able to do in the first few days and weeks after surgery.

5. What type of results can I expect? The plastic surgeon should be able to tell you the results you can reasonably expect, and how you will look after the procedure. Ideally you want to ensure that the results look natural, so take a look at some ‘before and after’ photographs of patients that have done the procedure you want to do.

6. How long will the results last? The effects of plastic surgery don’t last forever, although in most cases it may last for several years. It’s important to know the things you will need to do to maintain the results, and also how soon the results are expected to fade.

7. What are your credentials? Make sure that the plastic surgeon has the level of experience needed to perform the type of surgery you desire. Choose a surgeon that is specifically trained in plastic surgery. They should have several years of experience, and be in good standing with the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

In addition, you should make certain that surgery will be performed by a well-trained surgeon, at an accredited medical facility. Facilities that are accredited by such agencies as the AAAHC have to meet strict guidelines relating to staff, equipment, and the administration of anesthesia. A board certified anesthesiologist should also be present during surgery. Also, find out if the surgeon has hospital access, so that in the event of an emergency you can be taken to the hospital for treatment.

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