Jewelry Boxes For Diamonds – Do They Need to Be Expensive?

Many men sucker up and give the gift that keeps on giving in their 2nd or 3rd year in a relationship. I don’t mean cheap looking diamond jewelry either like “Hot Diamonds” or something like that. That kind of diamond jewelry in sterling silver doesn’t count. I mean nice quality diamonds in a gold or platinum mounting. So once he’s committed to giving the gift of all gifts that will cement him to the woman of his dreams the next decision should be ‘what kind of box do I put this in?’. Most men just use the cheap box they get from the jeweler with the jeweler’s name stamped inside in awful gold embossed letters against a drab colored velvet. Those boxes are so passe. Any top jeweler should have a top of the line burl wood box with genuine black leather to gift diamond jewelry.

For diamond rings especially engagement rings the little black box is technically good enough. Leather jewelry boxes in black are very much in vogue now. They point to a sophisticated groom who knows what is hip and cool. Black leather boxes have a nice matte texture for the perfect backdrop to blindingly white diamonds. The earthy aroma of leather is sure to put the woman on the receiving end at ease and convince her that her man is a man of taste and distinction. Leather jewelry boxes for diamond rings are not more than $100. This is a small price to pay for something of class to house the engagement ring which may cost upwards of $5000.

Wooden boxes are great for larger scale diamond pieces like necklaces or bracelets. Necklaces and Bracelets are what I refer to as “drippy” jewelry items. They have to lay properly both on her neck or wrist as well as in the box. Many gift givers cop out on the necklace box and give one of those cheap leatherette folding envelope type containers because they don’t know how to gingerly and skilfully fit a necklace or bracelet inside a box so that its safe from damage and looks good at the same time. Wooden boxes with interior black leather or black leatherette are not expensive. Burl, mahogany, cherry and oak are some of the woods used for these boxes. Granted, these boxes tend to be heavy but the presentation is fabulous. Two hundred dollars for a beautiful burl box with black satin or black leatherette is a small price to pay for making a diamond necklace look presentable.

The material cost for fine jewelry boxes plus good workmanship does not come cheap. There are many poor plastic imitations of elegant wood boxes imported from the far east but their lack of workmanship quickly becomes apparent when their interior materials start peeling and their plastic parts become unhinged. There is no substitute for fine quality boxes that showcase and protect diamond jewelry for many years.

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