How To Prevent Womens Hair Loss

For the longest time it has always been a necessity for women to look their best, but that is getting harder and harder when women are suffering from hair loss. This is an issue that many women have and the nice thing about it is that there are ways to prevent future hair loss and it is not that difficult to do. The problem that many women have is they listen to people who tell them all you have to do is take vitamin B, vitamin B helps but that is not the biggest cause for your hair loss.

When it comes to hair loss something that every woman has in common is they use a blow dryer, a hair straightener, and a curling iron which all will contribute to hair loss. The first thing that has to take place in order to stop losing your hair is to limit the amount of times you use any of these items because they are what is causing your head to lose its hair. Once you take the first step in limiting the amount of times you use these hair tools, the next thing is to follow the tips I have put together below and prevent any future loss of hair.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Massage Your Scalp – The nice thing about massaging your scalp is the more you do it the more your blood will circulate through your scalp which means that there will be more nutrients there for your hair follicles to pick up. The only thing you need to watch out for is that you are not massing your scalp too hard and pulling more hair out.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption – If you think drinking only causes liver problems then you are wrong, when you drink a lot of alcohol it will affect your hair as well. The problem with drinking alcohol is that it sucks the nutrients out of your hair fibers and once it does this they will become very brittle and will break very easily. You don’t have to stop drinking all together but you do need to watch the amounts that you consume.

Exercise – It is a proven fact that exercise will actually help your hair grow and remain strong. The reason why exercise works to keep your hair strong and help it grow is because the more you exercise the more your blood will flow throughout your body and when this happens your hair follicles will get some of the nutrients that are sent to your head.

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